Vegetables which can help you lose weight easily

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We have been losing weight and also been trying to find ways (easier) to lose. We have looked at foods we can eat and which to avoid during this journey. You must have heard of eating vegetables as one of the foods to include in your diet when losing weight. Today we will take a look in some vegetables that will help in losing and maintaining weight.

Spinach is one of the readily available vegetables in almost every part of the world. It has low amounts of calories and that's why it's recommended in weight loss.
It also improves overall health of an individual as it reduces risk of cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Broccoli is rich in fibre. This property makes you feel full in most times hence preventing you from over eating and craving for snacks.
It also helps in reducing calories intake.

3.Brussels sprouts
Brussel sprouts are rich in fibre, making you feel full fast after eating. They also have lower calories.
They help redu…

Importance of drinking water when losing weight

Water is an important element in life. We sa y that water is life. Water helps alot when losing weight, nourishing skin and general improvement of our health. You have probably heard about including water in your diet when losing weight. But do you know the importance of drinking water in weight loss journey?

1.Drinking water helps in burning more calories
Studies have shown that drinking water increases resting energy expenditure ( amount of calories burnt) in both adults and children. This in turn increases weight loss.

2. Drinking water reduces appetite
Several studies have shown that drinking water before meals reduces appetite hence preventing you from over eating.
This ensures that you do not consume alot of calories which contributes alot to weight gain.

3.Last but not least, drinking water reduces intake of sugar
Sugar being a fattening substances, reduction in it's consumption plays a great role in losing weight. This can be made possible when you replace sugary beverage…

Why am I not losing weight already?

Losing weight is a goal which  many want to accomplish.We put effort and resources expecting to see a difference in our bodies. Sometimes we fail to see any results as far as losing weight is concerned. But why is that? The list below includes the reasons why you are barely losing any weight.

1. You are not putting much thought on your diet
Your diet is very important when you are trying to lose weight. Most of us do not think much about what we eat and how much we eat.
Having a meal plan will help alot in losing weight.It will help you know keep track of your meals.

2.You are not eating healthy whole grain
Another reason why you are not losing weight is because you are not eating whole grains. Most probably you are eating processed foods, it's not healthy when losing weight.
Refrain from eating highly processed food.

3.You are not doing exercise
Losing weight requires exercise. The reason you are not losing weight might be because you are not exercising.
some of the exercise you…
When we are trying to lose weight, mostly we are told on foods to avoid. Do you know that there are categories of food that you can eat and actually help you in the journey of losing weight? Here is a list of weigh-friendly foods that you can include in your diet, and help you in losing weight;

1.Leafy green vegetables
Leafy greens aid in weight loss since they are low in calories.They are also rich in fibre hence they make you feel full and in turn reduce your intake of sugar and calories.Such greens include; spinach and kale.

Intake of eggs helps in losing weight because of their satiating property. This means they can make you feel full stomach hence makes you eat less.
Why not replace white bread with eggs for breakfast?

3.Beef and chicken breast
Meet is helpful when you are trying to cut weight.Not just any meat, ensure that you eat unprocessed and lean(will the low fat) meat.They are high in protein.This property makes meat in keeping you full and in burning calories.


How to lose cheek fat naturally

Losing weight can be frustrating, especially when you are concentrating on one particular body part such as the cheeks.It can be easier with the right strategies. Have you been trying to lose excess fats from your cheeks? Below we have listed a few tips to help you cut down excess fat on your face


Just like the rest of the body, losing weight on your face requires facial exercises.Exercises such as half cringe, jaw droppers and half kisses can help alot to improve facial appearance and also improve the strength of facial muscles.

To add to that, cardio exercises are also essential in making your face slimmer.These are activities that can increase your heart rate.They help in burning fat and in turn increase weight loss.
Make sure to do these exercises for at least 20 minutes a day.

2.Drinking more Water

Drinking water all the time can make you feel full and hence reduce in take of sugar and fat.This will in turn increase facial and body weight loss.
Drinking water keeps you…

Foods to avoid during weight loss journey

If you have been trying to lose weight, you can tell it is not an easy task especially when you do not have well figured strategies to do so. In the journey of losing weight, diet is an essential part. Following the right diet makes the process easier and accomplishable. To help you with that, below I have a listed a few common things that you should avoid during weight loss journey.

This is one of the most difficult things to avoid. Most if us cannot seem to avoid sugars, but you know what? You have to make that decision if you want to lose weight and improve your health. Yo can do this by avoiding drinks and food stuffs that contain added sugar; soft drinks, fruit juices sweets and ice cream.

2.Grains that have been refined.
Grains can be a cause of weight gain, when you are in the journey of weight loss, avoid refined grains such wheat,white rice,white pasta and white bread

Make it your habit to avoid unhealthy fats and replace them with healthy ones. Avoid fats that…

Exercises you can do from home

The world has changed over the last few days due to corona virus pandemic. We have been forced to stay home and almost everything from home. Exercising and keeping fit is one the things that has to been done from. No more going out for gyms. This no reason to pause you efforts to keep fit and keep in shape.Below are some of the simple and cheap exercises to do while at home, whether you want to lose weight or just keep fit.

When doing squats, you sit in the air in a position like you are sitting in a chair.
Your chest should look straight up ahead.
Stand up and repeat the process for as long as you can.

2.Push ups
To do push ups, you place your hands on the ground.
Hold your body straight and bend your elbows towards the body
Move your chest towards your hands and push up.
Do this repeatedly for as long as you can.

This done by placing your hands on the sides while standing
Move forward with your right foot, while bending your left knee towards the ground.
Get back t…